In the series of concerts, under this generic title, on the 6th November at San Anton Palace a concert was presented featuring Soprano Myriam Cauchi, Cellist Simon Abdilla and on the Piano Maria Frendo. This highly appreciated and successful concert was played to a packed audience and featured works by Liszt, Puccini, Saint-Saens, Verdi, Camilleri and 3 pieces of mine.

Myriam and Maria first played ‘Il-Kebbies tal-Fanali’ op18, one of my earlier attempts (and  at the time a very innovative one) to write a lied-type art song using the Maltese language (text by Anton Buttigieg). The three performers then joined forces to interpret a short song cycle of mine ‘Kant ta’ Mara’ op112,  made up of two songs, ‘L-Ghanja’ and ‘Mulier’. This trio of performers had also given the world premier of the work at the Conservatoire of Berne in Switzerland in 2009. The words are by Achille Mizzi. As an encore the trio once again joined forces to sing my ‘Tahnina’ op 106, a short work based on a traditional Maltese lullaby.