Classified Works

Works marked with an asterisk (*) are available on CD
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Blurred Visions Op 1 Piano Solo
Piccolo Divertimento Op 2 Wind Quartet
Piccolo Divertimento* Op 2(a) String Quartet
A Movement* Op 3 String Quartet
Three Mood Pieces Op 4 Full Orchestra
Three Mood Pieces* Op 4(a) Wind Band
Il-Barri Op 5 Mixed choir and Orchestra
Triptych* Op 6 Soprano and Piano
Triptych Op 6(a) Soprano and Orchestra
Trio Concertante* Op 7 Violin, Horn, and Piano
Bo Peep Op 8 Unison choir, string trio, and piano
Passacaglietta* Op 9 Clarinet and Piano
Scherzo* Op 10 Piano solo
Sinfonia De Profundis Op 11 Chamber Orchestra
Due Cantilene* Op 12 Piano Quartet
Waħdi* Op 13 Soprano and Piano
Milied (1958) Op 14 Chamber Orchestra
Invention Op 15 Piano solo
Clarinet Quintet* Op 16
Il-Lejla L-Qamar qed Jitwerreċ Op 17 SA and/or TB
Il-Kebbies tal-Fanali* Op 18 Soprano and Piano
Prizma* Op 19 Violin, Oboe, Piano, and Percussion
Mass in D Major* Op 20 STB solo, SATB choir, and Orchestra
Laudate Pueri Dominum* Op 20(b) STB solo, SATB choir, and Orchestra
X’Milied hu dan?* Op 21 High Voice and Piano
Cyclic Imrovisations and Fugue Op 22 String instrument, Wind instrument, Piano and Percussion
Overture alla Concertante* Op 23 Full Orchestra
Five Miniatures* Op 24 Piano Trio
Ħaġar Qim* Op 25 Flute, Oboe, and Percussion
Rapsodija Maltija* Op 26 Violin and Piano
Rapsodija Maltija* Op 26(b) Piano Solo
Rapsodija Maltija Op 26(c) Violin and Full Orchestra
Rapsodija Maltija Op 26(d) Violin and String Orchestra
Rosalind’s Madrigal Op 27 SSATB a cappella
Għalenija – Ballet Music* Op 28 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, 2 Horns, 2 Celli and Percussion
Tangled Was I Op 29 SSATB a cappella
Sonatina* Op 30 Piano Solo
The Seasons – Madrigal Cycle Op 31 SSATB a cappella
Monologo* Op 32 Violin solo
String Quartet* Op 33
Music for a Wedding Op 34 Soprano, SATB choir, and String Orchestra
Dialoghetti* Op 35 Viola and Piano
Sinfonietta For Strings* Op 36 String Orchestra
Miserere* Op 37 SSAA a cappella
Domine Jesu Christe* Op 38 SATB choir and Orchestra
Seħer* Op 39 Soprano and Orchestra
Missa Brevis* Op 40 SSAA a cappella
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra* Op 41
A Canticle Cantata Op 42 ST soli, SATB Choir, Children’s Choir, and Orchestra
Psalm 89 Op 43 Baritone and Orchestra
Psalm 89 Op 43 (a) Joseph Lia (Baritone), Irina Razanova (Organ)
Madonna tas-Sacro Cuor* Op 44 STB soli, SATB choir, Children’s choir and Orchestra
Rebbieħa* Op 45 Orchestra
Rebbieħa* Op 45(a) Wind Band
An “English” Mass Op 46 SATB, and Organ
Jubilo* Op 47 Strings, Brass and Percussion
Jubilo* Op 47(a) Wind Band
Sinfonia* Op 48 Soprano and Orchestra
Demm Fuq il-Verna – Oratorio* Op 49 SSSATB soli, SATB choir and Orchestra
Il-Belt Rebbieħa Op 50 ST soli, SATB choir and Orchestra
Għanjiet* Op 51 Soprano, Piano, and Percussion
Melita, Melita* Op 52 Soprano and Piano
Poeżiji tal-Baħrija* Op 53 Tenor and Orchestra
Rewwixta Op 54 SATB soli, SATB choir, and Orchestra
Pezzo per Quintetto d’Ottoni Op 55 Brass Quintet
Three Songs for Phaedra* Op 56 Clarinet solo
Larghetto Cantabile* Op 57 Violin and Piano
Kantilena Ta’ Pietru Caxaru* Op 58 Soprano and Harp
Tema con 7 Variazioni Op 59 Guitar solo
L-Għanja tal-Ħajja* Op 60 Baritone, Oboe, and Harp
Il Cantico delle Creature* Op 61 Soprano, Flute, and Harp
Capriccio* Op 62 Violin and Piano
“Passeggero” Op 63 Tenor, Flute, Oboe, and Bassoon
Nisġiet l-Imħabba* Op 64 Baritone and Orchestra
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra* Op 65
Elegy* Op 66 Cello and Orchestra
Quasi un Madrigale Op 67 High voice, Flute, and Piano
Jeux* Op 68 Flute and Harpsichord
Suite All’Antica Op 69 Violin and Guitar
Suite all’Antica Op 69 (a) Violin and Piano
6 Preludes* Op 70 Piano solo
Epigrammi* Op 71 Violin solo
Askesis* Op 72 Contralto and Orchestra
Sarabanda* Op 73 String Orchestra
Ave Maria Op 74 High Voice and Harp (piano)
Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra* Op 75
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra* Op 76
Concertino for Violoncello and Orchestra Op 77
Sicut Cervus* Op 78 SAA a cappella
Jesu Dulcis Memoria* Op 79 SATB a cappella
Hymnus* Op 80 SSATB a cappella
Invocazione* Op 81 Soprano solo - TTBB a cappella
Motetus Antiquo Modo* Op 82 SATB a cappella
Soliloques* Op 83 Horn Solo
Rorate Coeli* Op 84 SSAA a cappella
Sequenza a 2* Op 85 SA a cappella
Fantasia per Organo* Op 86 Organ solo
Offerta Musicale* Op 87 Organ solo
Canti* Op 88 Clarinet, Cello and Piano
3 Preghiere Op 89 Brass Quartet, (trumpet, althorn, euphonium, tuba)
Piccolo Pezzo da Concerto Op 89(a) Tuba and Piano
Romanza* Op 90 Violin, Cello, and Piano
Romanza* Op 90(a) Violin, Cello, and String Orchestra
Duo Concertante* Op 91 Violin and Viola
Concerto Barocco* Op 92 Basoon and String Orchestra
Segments No. 1* Op 93 Flute, Violin, and Piano
Segments No. 2* Op 94 String Quartet
Segments No. 3* Op 95 Clarinet and Piano
In Memoriam* Op 96
Fanfares for an Occasion* Op 97 Wind Band
3 Danze Antiche con Preludio* Op 98 Quartette a Tete
Concerto for 2 Pianos Solo* Op 99 2 Pianos Solo
Sinfonietta for 13 Woodwind Players* Op 100 Fl 1, Fl 2 (Picc.), Ob 1, Ob 2 (Cor Ang.), Cl in Eb, Cl 1 in Bb, Cl 2 in Bb, Bass Cl, Hn 1, Hn 2, Bsn 1, Bsn 2, Contrabassoon;
Ir-Rebbieħ* Op 101 Musical
Karba* Op 102 Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet, and Piano
Lament* Op 103 String Orchestra
Contrasts for Clarinet Quartet* Op 104 Cl in Eb, 2 Cl in Bb, Bass Cl; d.
Symphony no. 3 (The Apocalypse Verses)* Op 105 Tenor Solo, Mixed Choir and Orchestra
Taħnina Op 106 Soprano Solo and Piano
Riflessioni* Op 107 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn and Piano;
Puer Natus Est Op 108 SATB, Viola solo and Organ
Sonata* Op 109 Alto Saxophone and Piano
Duetting* Op 110 Piano and Percussion
Tristis Est Anima Mea Op 111 S (solo), SATB
Kant ta’ Mara Op 112 Soprano, Cello and Piano
Ode to Pearl Grotto Op 113 S,S,A,A a cappella
Concerto for Piccolo* Op 114 Strings and Timpani
Music for a white dove* Op 115
Talae* Op 116 Trumpet in C and Marimba
Carmen 2 Op 117 S,A,T,B a cappella
Sequenza a 3 Op 118 SSA a cappella
Ludus Tonalis for Wind Band Op 119 Wind Band
Fun Fair* Op 120 for 3 Trumpets and Timpani
Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra* Op 121
Filippu t’Aġġira* Op 122 Soloists, Choir and Wind Band
Sighs and Whispers Op 123 Alto Flute and Harp
Concertino for Cornet and Brass Band* Op 124
Meditation for Cello Solo* Op 125 Cello Solo
Pan Revisited* Op 126
Miniatura for Cello Solo* Op 127
Pinocchio in Musica Op 128 Fiaba Musicale per voci recitanti e piccola orchestra
Sounds of Celebration Op 129 Brass Ensemble
The ‘Hyland’ Mass Op 130 Soloists Choir and Orchestra
Symphonic Variations on a Theme by Chopin Op 131 Piano and Orchestra
Concerto for Orchestra Op 132 Symphony Orchestra
Missa Romani Pont. Benedeicti XVI Op 133 SATB Soloists, SATB Choir and Orchestra
Fanfare and Anthem for Peace Op 134 Choir and Orchestra
O Wisdom Op 135 SSATBB and Saxophone Alto
Ramblings* Op 136 Fl, Cl, Vl, Vc, Guitar
ODE to a Resurrected Violin Op 137 Solo Violin and Strings
DUST on the PATH Op 138 Soprano and Orchestra
Variations sur un Air Folklorique Maltaise* Op 139 Mandoline Solo
A Serenade for Sonja Op 140 Violoncello and Piano
In a Pensive Mood* Op 141 Viola Solo
3 Bagatelles Op 142 Viola and Piano
CONCERTO GROSSO Op 143 Harp, Harpsichord and Piano Soli and Orchestra
Charlie on my Mind Op 144 Trumpet and String Quartet
Surrexit Dominus Op 145 SSATBB and Sax Soprano
ANTHEM Op 146 Choir and Orchestra
FANTASIA SINFONICA Op 147 Wind and Brass Band
TRIO Op 148 3 Corni di Basseto
Le Mid-Dit Op 149 Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Xylophone
The True Face of God Op 150 4 Horns, Organ, and Timpani
The True Face of God Op 150 (a) 4 Horns, Timpani and Orchestra
CREDO Op 151 SATB (soli), Choir and Orchestra
To a False God Op 152 Baritone and 5 Timpani
Thinking….Impromptu Op 153 String Orchestra
Fantasia Op 154 Violin, Horn and Piano

Unclassified Works

Church Music

Missa Papa Giovanni – STB Soli, SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Ave Spes Solamen (Antifona) – TB Soli, Chorus and Orchestra (18.01.09)
Attolite Portae (Antifona) – SATB Chorus and Orchestra (17.05.04)
Sancte Michael Archangelo (Antifona) – SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Joseph Filii David (Antifona) – TTB Chorus and Orchestra
Aperite Mihi Portas (Introit) – SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Posuisti Domine (Gradual) – T Solo, SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Confitebuntur (Offertory) – B Solo, SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Giorgius Natus Est (Hymn) – SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Confitemini Domino (Psalm) – SA Chorus and Orchestra
Aperite Mihi Portas (Psalm) – SA Chorus and Orchestra
Christus Passus Est (Psalm) – SA Chorus and Orchestra
Dilexi (Psalm) – SA Chorus and Orchestra
Dignus Est (Psalm) – SA Chorus and Orchestra
Credidi (Psalm) – SA Chorus and Orchestra
Magnificat (Psalm) – SA Chorus and Orchestra


Innu lil San Pawl Nawfragu (Munxar) – S Solo, Chorus and Band (1965)
Lil San Pawl (Sena Pawlina) (16.04.08)
Innu lil San Pawl (Munxar) – Chorus and Band
Innu lil San Lawrenz (San Lawrenz) – Chorus and Band
Talba ta’ San Franġisk – Voice and Pianoforte
L-Għanja ta’ Qlubna (San Ġorġ Qormi) – Chorus and Orchestra
Dejjem f’Qalbna (San Ġorġ Victoria) – Chorus and Band
Innu ta’ Ferħ (Dun Karm) SATB chorus a cappella
Innu lil Għawdex – Chorus and Orchestra/Band
Innu lil Suor Margherita – Chorus and Orchestra
Innu lil Santa Margherita – Chorus and Band
Innu lil San Lawrenz- Chorus and Band
Innu lill-Immakulata Kunċizzjoni (San Franġisk Victoria) – Chorus and Band
Innu lill-Victoria Scouts Group (fl-okkazjoni tal-50 sena mit-Twaqqif Taghhom)

Ghanja lil San Filippu ta’ Aggira – Tenur Solo u Banda


Music for Wind Band

36 Funeral Marches for Holy Week
34 Festive Band Marches
5 Marches for Religious Processions
2 Waltzes for Easter Sunday morning
In Omaggio Banda Konti Ruġġieru (Overture) (30.01.04)
Festive Bells (Overture) (14.09.00)
Preludio (Prelude)



Piano Music

Valse (14.04.70)
Nocturne (06.07.68)
Sonatina (1956?)
Maltese Folk Dance
Playing 6,5,4,3,2…. (01.01.04)

Vocal Music

Li Kieku Kont (Tnehida) – Tenor/Baritone and Pianoforte (1960? Revised 05.10.05)
Our Birth is But a Sleep – Soprano and Pianoforte (1961)
There is Sweet Music Here – Baritone and Pianoforte (1961)

Tfal Maltin Inkantaw

Song Book with 25 Songs for Children

Traditional Songs for Folk Groups

Lil Għawdex Tagħna
Għanja lill-Maħbuba
Wied il-Lunzjata
Il-Lejl it-Tajjeb
Mari l-Għadxija
Għand Ġorġ ta’ l-Inbid
Ta’ Gananu l-Karozzin