Research Work on Maestro Vella

One of Maestro Joseph Vella`s wishes was always to facilitate research work relating to his own compositions.

Family Vella has just assisted Neville Pace, a student at the University of Malta`s School of Performing Arts, by providing the necessary musical scores for him to write his long essay on Maestro Joseph Vella.

The dissertation focuses on Maestro Joseph Vella`s wind band compositions. Mr. Pace undertakes a comparative analysis, under the guidance of his tutor Dr. John Galea, of selected wind band works composed by Vella, highlighting the innovatory skills and stylistic freshness of Maestro Vella, whilst comparing these compositions to similar works of the same genre by other Maltese composers such as Ciappara and Abela Scolaro.

A very well done to Neville Pace and a special thanks to Luke Vella for his collaboration.