Pinocchio in Musica

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of the Fondazione Nazionale Italiana Pinocchio. To mark the occasion, the Fondazione’s committee decided to commission a new work celebrating the adventures of the well known puppet.  Andrea Ottanelli was entrusted to write a libretto highlighting the more important episodes in the story of the wooden puppet.  I feel honoured that the Italian organizers asked me to compose the original music for it.  Pinocchio in Musica is the result. This work for 3 Narrators and a 14 piece orchestral ensemble takes about 45 minutes to perform.  I am truly pleased that the premiere of the piece was given on the 28th of July in the actual place where the author, as a boy, must have lived and played.  The magnificent gardens of Villa Garzoni in the town of Collodi, where Carlo Lorenzini’s parents worked, provided an ideal site and background to this fiaba musicale.   The premiere, which I conducted, proved to be a huge success.  In fact repeat performances are already planned for Italy (2), Brussels, the UK (English translation), France (French translation) and Malta (Maltese translation).