Amazing Adventures

On January 28th, in collaboration with animateur Sarah Spiteri, an animated and visualized programme of orchestral works were played, all with a common theme, namely, space adventures. The programme included works by Psaila, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Smetana, Williams and Bizet.  I conducted this... Read More

The Song Cycles of Joseph Vella

The Song Cycles of Joseph Vella 4 Song Cycles were performed at the Sir Temi Zasmmit Hall, the University on January 20th. The Cycles, with texts in Maltese, were Seħer (Daniel Massa), Nisġiet l-Imħabba (Achille Mizzi), Askesis (Mario Azzopardi), and Poeżiji tal-Baħrija (Joe Friggieri).... Read More