Mro. Vella Work Featured on ‘ARTE’

World-renowned Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja performed one of his own favourite works – Mro. Joseph Vella’s “Il-Kebbies Tal -Fanali” – on Easter Sunday. This Easter Concert, alongside acclaimed violinist Daniel Hope (winner of the European Culture Prize 2015), was streamed on ARTE – billed as ‘the voice of European culture’ – as part of the series EUROPE@HOME.

The concert is one of a series of 27 – one for each EU country – being organised by ARTE, with the main objective being to share Europe’s “extraordinary cultural diversity and musical riches”.

Every participant from the different European countries was asked to perform an excerpt of local music, and Joseph Calleja chose to feature “Il-Kebbies Tal -Fanali ” as the specific Maltese contribution, alongside other works by Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart and Puccini, amongst others.

In Mro Hope`s own words, Il-Kebbies Tal -Fanali is an “absolutely beautiful piece”.