Valeriana Premiered on the 4th May 2024!

Maestro Vella`s opera Valeriana was premiered on Saturday, May 4th 2024 at the evocative Astra Theatre in Gozo, where Maestro Vella spent nearly 50 years as musical director, conducting countless operas too.

Family Vella would like to thank Festivals Malta for their collaboration, in coordinating the production of Maestro Vella’s final major work, six years after his demise.

Maestro Vella left a voluminous yet incomplete manuscript at the time of his passing, and the opera was thereafter completed by Maestro Christopher Muscat, a former student of his and nowadays an established musician himself. Valeriana is based on a libretto by Vincent Vella.

The opera, Opus 155, was directed by Denise Mulholland and is a fitting culmination to Maestro Vella`s prolific career, undoubtedly also enriching Malta’s musical heritage.