TATORT KULTUR, Atelier Gesprache II  is the second book in the series published by the English Department of the University of Salzburg, edited by Prof Sabine Coelsch-Foisner. It contains interviews and articles by diverse personalities from the international world of culture -dance, drama, music etc., which were carried out throughout the previous year. I am very honoured to have found a place in this second edition. The encounters were mostly held  at Salzburg University and were conducted by Prof Coelsch-Foisner. This voluminous book presents encounters with no fewer than 60 personalities.

Personally I was interviewed about my work as a composer and conductor by Sabine at the University of Salzburg. The interview, which was open to the public, was punctuated by performances of some of my works by members of the OENM (Austrian Ensemble for New Music). One of the pieces performed (‘Meditation’ for Solo Cello , played by Peter Sigl) was actually a world premier