On the 19th of May, my work ‘Pinocchio in Musica’ was once again performed in Italy, this time in Pistoia. Last year I had conducted the world premier of this piece right in Pinocchio’s hometown- the town of Collodi. This time the performance took place in the cloister of Santa Lucia del Conservatorio di San Giovanni Battista. I was quite honoured by the fact that Pinocchio in Musica was chosen by the organizers as the opening night for the series of concerts under the title Pistoia all’Opera. Apparently the performance was a huge success to the point where another performance has already been scheduled for September, at the Municipal Hall in Pistoia. The 12 piece ensemble this time was conducted by Mro Riccardo Cirri. One of the comments I received regarding the performance (Marco Corsini) stated that ‘Inutile dire che Pinocchio in Musica e’ piacuto moltissimo anche questa volta…e’ un piacere anche suonarlo. E’ cosi fresco e leggero che sembra lungo un minuto invece di 40′  (No need to say that Pinocchio in Musica was received exteemly well also this time…. it is such a lovely score to play. The music is so fresh and lilting that it seems it takes a minute to play , rather than 40).

The performance was attended, amongst other VIP’s by the Assessore per le Scuole della Provincia, who has hinted to the organizers that he wahts to take Pinocchio out into the schools