Commemorating the Fourth Anniversary from Maestro Vella`s Demise

Maestro Joseph Vella passed away on February 25th, 2018. On the fourth anniversary of his demise, Family Vella is pleased to collaborate with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) in commemorating Maestro Vella at the Dubai Opera, Dubai. ‘Rebbieħa’, Opus 45, will be performed by MPO on the... Read More

Three Vella Works with a Maltese Theme to be Performed during “GauLive”

In compliance with the latest health and safety regulations issued by the health authorities, the 14th edition of "Gaulitana: A Festival of Music" is being brought to an end with a series of six live public events in Gozo. “GauLive” will take place between the 10th September and the 9th... Read More

Mro. Vella Work Featured on ‘ARTE’

World-renowned Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja performed one of his own favourite works - Mro. Joseph Vella's "Il-Kebbies Tal -Fanali" - on Easter Sunday. This Easter Concert, alongside acclaimed violinist Daniel Hope (winner of the European Culture Prize 2015), was streamed on ARTE - billed as... Read More

TV feature on Mro. Vella

Mro. Vella's life, career and achievements will be featured in this week's edition of 'Nota f'Nota', on TVM (Saturday 3rd April at 5pm). Family Vella would like to thank the producers for their collaboration. Follow this link to watch the promo Video.

Digitisation of Additional Works by Maestro Vella

One of Family Vella`s objectives is the digitisation of the entire list of classified works composed by Maestro Joseph Vella. In this regard, Family Vella is pleased to announce that its recent collaboration with the Medina Foundation for Music has also included the digitisation of Maestro... Read More

Honorary Patronage Awarded to Maestro Vella

During a touching event held at the Count Roger Band Club, Rabat, on Saturday 27th February 2021, Maestro Joseph Vella was awarded an Honorary Patronage by the Medina Foundation for Music in recognition of his career achievements, dedication and contribution to music. The event was organised... Read More

Commemorating the Third Anniversary from Maestro Vella`s Demise

Maestro Joseph Vella passed away on February 25th, 2018. This year`s commemoration will focus on Maestro Vella`s close cultural links with the town of Rabat, Malta, where he lived for several years. In this regard, Family Vella is pleased to support and collaborate with the organisers of two... Read More

Rewwixta Symposium

A symposium - organised by Festivals Malta - focusing on Maestro Joseph Vella`s career as Composer, Conductor and Academic will be held on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at the Cathedral Museum, Mdina (10.30am). Following an introduction by Mro. Vella`s son Alan on behalf of the Family, three... Read More

MPO to Stream Vella Works as part of Public Service Week

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), in collaboration with The Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary and Heritage Malta, is celebrating Public Service Week by amongst others performing two important works by Maestro Joseph Vella, namely “Ħaġar Qim” (Opus 25) and “Rebbieħa”... Read More

Vella’s Contemporary Music at the Malta International Arts Festival

Maestro Vella`s music has once again been featured at the Malta International Arts Festival. Following last year`s performance of one of his earlier orchestral works – “Overture alla Concertante (Opus 23)” – the Malta International Arts Online Festival 2020 presented Maestro Vella`s... Read More