MISSA op 133

I have just finished working on this new MASS , scored for SATB (Solo), SATB (Choir) and Orchestra. The Mass, which is my opus 133, has as a subtitle in honoris ROMANI PONTIFICI BENEDICTI XVI. The Manuscript is dated 05/03/13 and is dedicated to HL the Bishop of Gozo, Mario Grech.

This Mass is the fourth in the series of major works which I have undertaken since December 2012, namely  The’Hyland’Mass op 130, Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra (on a theme by Chopin) op 131, and Concerto for Orchestra op 132. The ‘Hyland’ Mass will be premiered at St George’s Basilica in July, while the Concerto for Orchestra will be played for the first time at the Manoel Theatre next month (April)