Festival in Saint-Dizier

From the 21st to the 27th of April I will be in France, where I have been invited to attend the 3rd Edition of the Academy Festival – Le Printemps de la Musique in the city of St Dizier. I will be composer-in-residence for the duration of the Festival. Besides giving a public lecture on my work as a composer, several of my works will be played during the week. These to include:

DUO CONCERTANTE op 91 to be played by Rachel Kobleyakov (violin), and Ren Martin Doike (viola). Both players are recent graduands from Juilliard,

MONOLOGO in 3 PARTI for Solo Violin op 32 to be played by Dejan Bogdanovitch

SEGMENTS no 2 op 94  interpreted by DEIXIS String Quartet

3 DANZE ANTICHE con PRELUDIO op 98  also by DEIXIS String Quartet

LAMENT for Strings op 103 , the Academie Orchestra (cond. Fabrice Kastel). The organizers have asked me to conduct this piece myself.

SIGHS and WHISPERS op 123 to be played by Patrick Gallois (Alto Flute) and Fabrice Pierre (Harp). The performance will be the piece’s world premier.