Commemorating the Third Anniversary from Maestro Vella`s Demise

Maestro Joseph Vella passed away on February 25th, 2018. This year`s commemoration will focus on Maestro Vella`s close cultural links with the town of Rabat, Malta, where he lived for several years.

In this regard, Family Vella is pleased to support and collaborate with the organisers of two musical events. Such events will contribute in further highlighting Maestro Vella`s talent and musical versatility.

On Wednesday 10th February, on the occasion of St Paul`s Shipwreck, a musico-literary evening will be held at St Paul`s Church and Grotto, Rabat. The event is organised by Fondazzjoni Paulus, in collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, as part of the Agape Festival 2021. It will include Maestro Vella`s “Movement for String Quartet” – Opus 3, one of Vella`s earliest works composed in 1964 when the composer was still 22 years of age. This work has not been performed in many years, and its performance is in line with Family Vella`s objective to improve visibility of the entire range of Maestro Vella`s works.

The event will be transmitted on the national TV station TVM2 at 9.25pm. A special thanks to Dr. Mark Fenech Vella, Mro. Chris Muscat and the rest of the Fondazzjoni Paulus team for their cooperation. More details on

Another event will be held on Saturday 27th February at the Count Roger Band Club, Rabat, at 7.00pm. The event is organised by the Rabat Local Council, in close cooperation with St Paul Metropolitan Orchestra, the Medina Foundation for Music and the Socjeta` San Pawl Banda Konti Ruggieru of which Maestro Vella was the Musical Director for around four decades.

The Honorary Patronage of the Medina Foundation for Music is awarded to musical artists who have distinguished themselves through their dedication to music and contribution to its development in Malta. Maestro Vella is the recipient of this year`s award. In recognition of his life’s achievements, this evening at the Count Roger Band Club, will be dedicated to Maestro Vella and includes the performances of some of his early works for woodwind instruments. “Piccolo Divertimento” – Opus 2, a 7 minute piece for wind quartet composed in 1963, is a case in point.

Entrance is free but restrictive measures will apply. A special thanks to the Rabat Local Council, Socjeta` San Pawl Banda Konti Ruggieru , the St Paul Metropolitan Orchestra, Mr. Pierre Grech and the rest of the Medina Foundation for Music team for their kind efforts in organising this event. More details on the the St Paul Metropolitan Orchestra’s facebook event page.