Cincievsky Trio at Aula Mgr Farrugia

On Saturday 28 September, the Cincievsky Trio, made up of well known double bass player Gjorgj Cincievsky, soprano Milena Arsovska and pianist Maria-Elena Farrugia gave an extremely interesting concert which can be truly described as virtuosic. Gjorgj showed his prowess on the double works especially in the Carmen Fantasy Suite by F Proto and the Introduction and Variations on the G string on a Theme by Rossini by N Paganini. Soprano Milena Arsovska captivated the sympathy of the audience with her brilliant, sparkling and coquetish interpretation of Puccini’s ‘Quando m’en vo’, and especially Strauss’s  ‘Mein Herr Marquis’. It was indeed gratifying for me that these two top notch musicians chose to include 3 works of mine in the programme. Gjorgj beautifully  played his own arrangemnet of my ELEGY op 66 (originally written for cello), whil;e Milena displayed her versatility by her smooth , cantabile, yet at times dramatic, interpretation of my ‘TRIPTYCH’ op 6 and ‘MELITA, MELITA’ op 52.  The evening’s performance ended with an unusual work by G. Bottesini, for soprano, double bass, and piano -‘Tutto il Mondo Serra’, a piece based on Chopin’s Etude op 25 No 7. Other works included in the programme were by Gounod, and Piazzolla.

Young Maltese pianist Maria-Elena Farrugia provided an excellent and unobtrusive support throughout.