Baroque Music … and more

In the concert series ‘Baroque Music … and more’, presented by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, I conducted a concert of seventeenth-century Maltese music at Robert Samut Hall on 20 and 21 March 2013.  These old Maltese motets are extant at the Mdina Archives which I edited in the early 1970s and performed in major venues in Europe and North America.  Taking part were sopranos Gillian Zammit and Maria Frendo, alto Antoinette Camilleri, together with the Laudate Pueri Choir (director: George J Frendo).  The accompaniment was provided by a string ensemble from the MPO (leader: Nadia Debono).

The ‘more’ in the programme consisted of my Concerto Grosso op. 92 interpreted by bassoonist Archibald Mizzi.  This concerto received its premiere in the Cattedrale di San Pietro at Zagarolo, Rome, on 19 December 1999 with Italian bassoonist Franco Sugoni accompanied by the Orchestra Goffredo Petrassi.